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    Description de la machine
    Technical informations

    This machine allows to cover tops, bottoms and complete coating of entire product. It is equipped with the function of "blowing" system to remove chocolate excess from the top of product and the function of the mesh conveyor vibration (shaking system). Optionally, it has a highly advanced decorator module type ZIG-ZAG, giving a wide range of possibilities for decorating products.

    A feature distinguishing this machine from other similar devices on the market is the ability to work with two types of work table: mesh and belt conveyer. The concept of the machine allows for rapid changeover between tables and quick regulation of the machine options with minimum production downtime. Thanks to movable tank it’s easy to change the type of coating medium.

    A distinct feature of our Luxor, which distinguish this unit from other available machines on the market is, ability to work as chocolate enrober ( when coating or decorating process of biscutis is required ) or as standard belt conveyor ( when no coating or enrobing is required.) thanks to Luxor’s exchangeable main operational table.
    This solution allow production of standard biscuits and/or products coated with chocolate, using one production line.

    The device has been designed in a way that allows easy disassembly of its individual components, which allows you to work effectively and save time during cleaning and sanitizing procedure

    The coating machine is equipped with a 7 ”LCD touch panel. The multilingual menu allows you to control all device parameters in an easy, intuitive way. Built-in WiFi module allows remote machine diagnostics and parameter changes. Various types of settings can be saved to external media - SD cards.

    The CREALINE enrobing machine can work with the melting tanks that are automatically transporting and dosing coating medium to service tank

    It also works directly with CREALINE cooling tunnels.


    - durable and stable casing made of stainless steel AISI 304

    - movable tank on wheels with easy cleaning and refilling access

    - chocolate tank with water jacket

    - chocolate pump with water jacket

    - automatic, water jacket temperature sensor integrated with the heater

    - mixing tool inside chocolate tank

    - exchangeable worktables: mesh and belt conveyor (the exchange is carried out using a convenient trolley)

    - Table with mesh vibration (shaking system)

    -  Smooth regulation of conveyor speed, blowing intensity and capacity of chocolate pump

    - Top enrobing thickness can be adjusted through changing the flowrate of the blower fan

    - You can implement either full or half enrobing on your products. Besides, you can enrobe only top and bottom sides of the product, as well.

    - Device adapted to work with the CREALINE cooling tunnel


    WiFi module – online connection with remote access to the machine, which allows for full real-time diagnostics, parameter correction and quick service response. Chocolate tank with water jacket and temperature sensor – precise adjustment of coating medium Servo motors – unique solution that rotate parts of a machine with high efficiency and great precision Mitsubishi Electric components and controllers Touch screen LCD with multilingual, intuitive menu You can enter your settings and save them on the SD card

    The design of enrobing machine allows quick and easy exchange of the work table. Thanks to the trolley, the entire operation is maximally simplified. We offer two types of work tables: mesh table with vibration (shaking system)  and conveyer belt . This solution gives you many possibilities to work with different products depending on current needs, and make cleaning process much easier.

    Movable tank for coating medium

    Machine is equipped with chocolate tank + water jacket and automatic temperature control. Thanks to the possibility of sliding the chocolate tank out of the machine - filling, changing the coating medium, washing - now become much easier and significantly reduces downtime at work.

    Bottom enrobing

    The bottom enrobin function is to cover the underside of the product with coating unit. The product transported on the mesh conveyor  "flows" over the molten coating. Enrobing height is precisely adjusted depending on the needs.

    Bottom enrobing
    Enrobing of entire product

    Enrobing of entire product

    Top and botton enrobing function makes the product fully covered with coating medium.

    Decorating unit

    Decorating unit

    The enrobing machine can be equipped with a highly advanced ZIG ZAG decorator module, which gives a wide range of possibilities for decorating products. This module can be combined with the bottom enrobing system

    Wire-mesh vibration (shaking system)

    The mesh conveyor is equipped with a shaking system, which gives you a possibility to wire-mesh vibration and accelerate the flow of coating from the bottom side of product. 

    Wire-mesh vibration (shaking system)

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